Obelisk, architecture, and the human condition


In an artful journey to define the story of human ascension, the vision for OBLSK Co. was born out of observation of the perpetual impactfulness of architecture. On a grand scale, architecture becomes the science of creating the framework for our lives; as it is a literal manifestation of a vision, using brick and mortar to create the infrastructure of our time.

We believe that both ancient & modern architectural staples directly tell the story of human progress over time. The Obelisk is an ancient, monolithic structure that speaks to the heights achieved by the people of that era. An ancient structure with a modern principle - it is a symbol of Power: A single symbol representative of all that came before it - and all that is to come after it.



If architecture creates the framework for the human condition; then, we believe, that design allows you to tell that story. Our design is rooted in the core aspirational tenants of the human condition - the desire to be curious, creative, innovative, and to progress - it is this core concept of Elevation that ultimately pushes humanity forward. Our brand taps into this timeless condition to drive our mission to embolden people & culture through luxury and design.



For us, elevation starts at the source - our commitment to high quality materials, craftsmanship, service, and artful conception is an actualization of this message. All OBLSK designs are meticulously crafted to affirm this long-lasting quality guarantee - as we source pure precious metals, such as 18k gold plating with a high grade 316L stainless steel base, while paying attention to every detail.

By buying an OBLSK product - you're not just buying the piece, you are embracing the conditions of the human experience as your own. We really believe in this message, and that it can manifest itself into your life. All OBLSK products are only available on our website - shop the Elevate Collection here.